Zoulica A High Performance Cardano Stakng Pool

Pool ID
Fixed Fee
Min value set by the protocol – 340 ₳ / epoch

About Us

Zoulica is committed to becoming one of the world's most trusted and well-respected Cardano staking pools. We have invested a lot of time and effort to set up a robust cluster of cardano nodes, and put stringent security measures around them to keep your delegated asset safe and secure. You will find that we have a unique and transparent approach to running this pool. We are also offering a very low tax/pool fee, without compromising on performance and support.

Our mission is also to support the adoption, growth and long term success of Cardano and the technology behind it. We strongly believe that Cardano is a better proof-of-stake platform than many of it's compitators. So join us in contributing to the network, and enjoy earning rewards in the process.

Feature Highlights


Our 99.99% uptime SLA ensures that you get the maximum amount of ADA rewards.

High Performance

Our nodes run on high performance dedicated instances, coupled with datacenter-grade SSDs, producing the most optimum results.

Advanced Security

Our nodes have advanced security and firewall protection and we enforce security best practices. In addition, our nodes are protected by advanced DDoS mitigation strategies to fend off attacks on our infrastructure.

Low Fees

Zoulica's pool fee is a flat 0.5% and that's it! We are commited to keeping our fees as low and competitive as possible, so that our delegates can achieve maximum rewards.

Worldwide Network of Relays

Our servers are distributed globally across multiple regions, mitigating risk from any single point of failure. Multiple relay nodes, ensure redundancy and provide increased network stability.

Long Term Commitment

We have pledged our own ADA in our pool, and we are here to stay for the long-term.

Infrastructure Details

Operating System
Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
Data Transfer Rate
40 Gbps In / 4 Gbps Out
DDoS Protection
2 Relay Nodes, 1 Block Producing Node
Singapore & Germany
Ready to Delegate with us?
Important Security Tip
Please do not send your ADA to anyone who claims to be running a staking pool. Delegating to a pool does not involve transferring your ADA, and therefore it does not require you to send them to anywhere. For more information, please visit the official Cardano staking page.

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